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We all love a relaxing vacation on a beautiful beach, but sometimes there are also other activities, that can get our blood pumping and make our trip really worthwhile. Here we can help you find the next exciting adventure!

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Ever wondered how the locations from the pretty photos on the internet really looked like? Or what the wild animals from the safari trips are doing when no people are around? Now you can! Just pick a live webcam that interests you and see for yourself!

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My Vacation In Split

Throughout the winter, I dreamed of a beautiful city by the sea, which would make me forget the everyday life for a while. For my vacation I decided to go with my big dream of visiting the beautiful city of Split. This was a direct …

Summer in Dominicana

Sometimes getting to know a new country is the same as with a new person. You either like it a lot right away or it just isn’t your thing. But in some cases you just need more time to get to know each other better …

Experience In Paragliding

The feeling of free flying – you are either dreaming of it or scared of it. My opinion was always ‘I will only fly if I am going on vacation, otherwise NEVER’. But then again as it always happens, everything changes in an instant. Through …