With its stunning landscape, sparkling lifestyle and passionate people, a South America travel definitely suits every vacation style and tourist personality. Let yourself be infected by the true beauty of this region. Whether you want to be enchanted by the beautiful beaches and lively cities of Brazil or prefer to travel to Uruguay and Argentina, you will always remember the colorful diversity of this fascinating continent.

Facts about South America

South America is mostly tropical to subtropical with the exception of Patagonia, where it is rather cooler. There are over 415 million people living there on approximately 18 million km². Interesting fact is that half of the population of the continent lives in Brazil, which also has almost half of the land mass of South America. The people there are predominantly Spanish-speaking, who are 90% Catholic and sometimes Portuguese, Quechua or Aymara. South America is the fourth largest continent in the world and consists of 12 countries  and 4 territories.

South America is also a continent with many sites of natural and cultural heritage, as well as monuments protected by UNESCO. These include the Iguazú National Park in Argentina, the silver mines in Bolivian Potosí, the protected area of ​​the Brazilian wetland Pantanal, the saltpeter works in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador, the port of Cartagena in Colombia, the Jesuit missions La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná in Paraguay, the Inca mountain fortress Machu Picchu in Peru, the historic downtown of Paramaribo in Suriname, the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, the university city of Caracas in Venezuela. The highest peak of South America is the Aconcagua in the Andes at 6,961m and the largest river is the Amazon with 6,437 km in length.

Destinations & Regions

Machu Picchu, PeruLatin America is not just Buenos Aires and Copacabana. Whether the Machu Picchu in Peru or the Galapagos Islands, whether the Amazon with its vastness, the Pampas of Argentina or The Easter Island and its wondrous figures, a South America travel has something suitable for everyone. The gigantic waterfalls in Iguacu, many times higher and much wider than the Niagara Falls, can be found there as well. Montevideo in Uruguay is always worth a visit, as is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Following the trail of the Inca in the Peruvian-Bolivian highlands to Cuszco or the legendary Lake Titicaca is always worth it. The salt desert in Bolivia with its immense, almost unimaginable extent awaits your visit as well as the descendants of the last slaves in French Guiana. It is up to you to visit and explore this wonderful continent.

Towns in South America

Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSouth America is home to many interesting cities from different countries. Among the best known include Buenos Aires, Sucre and Santiago de Chile. Bogotá, Quito and Port Stanley are known around the world for their sights. In addition, Lima, Paramaribo and Montevideo are especially known for their beautiful surroundings, which has already mesmerized many travelers. But also the many historical buildings of the cities are a reason for many tourists to make a South America travel, for example in Caracas and Brazil. Also the inhabitants of the cities are an integral part of the history, which often meet the travelers with a very special hospitality and are also very talkative. So if you want to get to know new cultures and people, there are plenty of opportunities in the cities of South America.

South America Travel

Due to the geographical location and the beautiful weather Brazil is the most popular holiday destination for a South America travel. Sun, sand and sea on the coasts around Rio the Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia and Recife are among the best locations for a relaxing holiday. Thanks to its location on the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful Isla Margarita, Venezuela also receives many visitors from Europe who want to spend the best weeks of the year there. And if you are into more adventuring then you could also try mountain climbing tours in the Andes.

Flora and fauna

Amazon RainforestSouth America’s flora and fauna is unique in the world. In addition to its special animal and plant species, the nature of the fourth largest continent has many stunning natural sites that inspire tourism from around the world. The rainforest is one of those special areas, as it not only hosts infinite forest landscapes but also plays an important role in the Earth’s ecosystem – it’s called The Lungs of the World. It is nourished by the rivers of South America, which are also known as the pulsating veins of the continent. The largest part of the Amazon region lies in Brazil. Manaus is a well-known starting point for expeditions to this region. Get ready for high humidity caused by tropical temperatures and daily rainfall.

But also the diversity of the animal species are a special feature of South America, as they represent some of the last of their kind and are therefore under protection. For this reason, many areas of South America have been listed as national parks under the protection of UNESCO, whose task is to ensure the survival of plants and animals around the world. Some of the interesting animals here include: Penguins, Llamas, Poison Dart Frogs, Anacondas etc.

Weather in South America

Due to the size of the continent, between 0° C in the south and 35° C in Caracas you can find pretty much all the weather conditions on earth. In Ushuaia, the southernmost city of Argentina, the average temperature is only 5.6° C and varies over the year between 1.8° C in August and 9.2° C in January. Responsible for such lousy temperatures is the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which refers to the cold ocean currents in the southern hemisphere.

In Bogota, the capital of Colombia, temperatures vary between 5° C and 16° C, while at the same time in Barranquilla on the Caribbean Sea average temperatures of 29° C prevail. Brazil is a huge country and therefore the climate is quite different. You can see slight fluctuations in the tropical north, temperate climate in the subtropical south and partial snowfall in the higher regions of southern Brazil.

The Andean highlands are characterized by snow-capped mountains and corresponding temperatures of around 10° C, while the rainforest behind it looks completely different. Here it is quite warm with 26° C. The two Andean chains that travel through Bolivia, provide for the huge differences in altitude for a diverse climate. While it is an average of 10° C on Lake Titicaca, it is warmer in Santa Cruz, as well as in the rainforest area.

Food and drinks

Feijoada - Black bean stew, BrazilThe variety of different groups of people in South America is also reflected in the South American cuisine. Even the Incas knew the corn, the potatoes and guinea pigs as food. In the Andean countries of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, these foods are still a staple food today.

Ceviche is the name of the national dish of Peru. These are raw marinated seafood. Two equally popular dishes in Argentina and Uruguay are Asado and Parrilla. Asado is generally understood to mean a grilled pork, whether spiked with beef, pork or goat meat. The locals call Parilla pretty much everything you can roast on a grill. Brazilians love their black bean stew, which is known as feijoada, and which, according to various sources, includes pork feet and ears. A typical Colombian meat stew is the Puchero Bogotano. In addition to beef, chicken and pork, it also contains corncobs, vegetable bananas and yucca. The latter has nothing to do with the similar-sounding palm, but is a name for manioc tubers.


If you want to spend your holiday in one of the South American destinations, you will be amazed by the many different impressions and the special temperament of the locals. From Amazon rainforest to the mysterious temples of Machu Picchu to lively Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Whether trekking in the Andes, beach vacation in Venezuela or a visit to the Amazon basin in Brazil – this trip will certainly remain unforgettable. No matter what kind of vacations you like, a South America travel is an absolute dream for every taste.