Experience In Paragliding

The feeling of free flying – you are either dreaming of it or scared of it. My opinion was always ‘I will only fly if I am going on vacation, otherwise NEVER’. But then again as it always happens, everything changes in an instant. Through a very good friend, I came closer to paragliding. At first it was just listening stories and watching photos, videos etc. That’s how I found VISIT.love btw 😀. Then the ‘just watching’ was followed by accompaniments, until at some point the question arose: Do I actually have the guts to try it? You have to experience this feeling of freedom in order to understand it. And it’s true: I always felt free, but I did not know until then that this sense of freedom can be enhanced a lot. There are really no words for it.

Uncertainty came into my face. After a few weeks of deliberation and closer research, I decided to go for a tandem flight – a good alternative for me to gain experience and get closer to this sport. In a tandem flight you hang in front of the pilot in a so-called “harness”. You are then attracted with a winch and after a few meters of running, the huge paraglider pulls you slowly and softly into the sky. Once you have reached the altitude, you are disconnected from the pull rope and float breathtakingly and freely in the air. The view of the valley below with the small people, animals and trees was beautiful. How long the flight lasts is always dependent on the weather. Unfortunately, if there are no thermals that lift the paraglider, this pleasure will be over after about 5 minutes. But I think such a tandem flight is a good idea to get closer to paragliding and get a glimpse of what it is. I also bought myself from Amazon a nice flying kit to use, when the time comes for me to make my first flight alone.

So what’s next after this? I admit, the fever has seized me. I want to fly again – free and alone! So I picked up the fight and signed up for the Fly Spain Paragliding School in Algodonales. In addition to theory, we also have a lot of practice. Very exhausting but definitely a must, I think. And one thing you should not forget: CONDITION!

My first flight alone is now at last in front of me. Since this sport is very costly and I take the preparation very seriously, the time between my tandem flight and my first flight alone is over half a year. But the joy and anticipation of my first paragliding flight are even greater.

Story sent by Luciana from Seville, Spain

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  1. Brian

    cool, i want to try it too, but don’t have the balls yet haha

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