Summer in Dominicana

Sometimes getting to know a new country is the same as with a new person. You either like it a lot right away or it just isn’t your thing. But in some cases you just need more time to get to know each other better and perhaps to appreciate it. But how much time does it take to be sure of your feelings? With my Dominican Republic travel, this theory was put to the test.

Still fresh from my last journey I landed in the most modern capital of the Caribbean, Santo Domingo. Christopher Columbus is said to have landed on this island more than 500 years ago with the words “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” From this point of view, I was all the more curious whether I would share his impression. So I started in Santo Domingo in the historic center, which is very close to the sea.

Parque Colon, Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicThe side streets were empty at lunchtime. Buses with tour groups stopped regularly in the vicinity of the Parque Colon. The tourists were left there to explore for few hours on their own and their arrival was eagerly anticipated by the street artists. I spent my lunch in the restaurant Mimosa with ceviche and small fish croquettes and was pleased about the relatively low prices. My accommodation was a real stroke of luck. The Villa Colonial had very tasteful decor and a beautiful, exotic garden. It was right in the historic center and was a good starting point for my walks through the small streets of the area. Despite all of these very pleasant conditions, somehow the affection, that I had expected, wasn’t really there. And unfortunately I did not have the time to get to know this city more, as my Dominican Republic travel continued.

Guesthouse Las Piedras, Punta Cana, Dominican RepublicSoon I was already on my way to my next destination, Punta Cana, where I was going to be for 3 days before my return to Germany. Finding a good and above all cheap hotel or hostel in Punta Cana seemed like winning in the lottery. In the end I was lucky again and stayed the last three nights at Guesthouse Las Piedras, which visually resembled a castle. For 35 euros with breakfast I had a fantastic room with a balcony and a view of the wild palm garden with thousands of little geckos. The very nice german owner has lived on the island for 20 years with his dominican wife and three small children and has built the house himself.

Huracan Café, Punta Cana, Dominican RepublicFor 2 euros per 10-minute route the hotel motorbike taxi driver drove me to the beach of Bávaro. I read somewhere that Punta Cana has one of the 10 best beaches in the world. But I wondered, what makes a beach one of the best? Didn’t it have to be at least clean and deserted? I’m not sure I can confirm any of these two things about this beach. Dark, alluvial algae lined the beach and then there were those huge crowds of people either sitting on their lounge chairs or running up and down the beach like on a pilgrimage.

At some point I found a very nice beach bar, The Huracan Café. It was the perfect location for observation, good music and some like-minded people. The drinks there were great and also the best thing ever, Crêpe Suzette, a crêpe filled with chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream – it was simply delicious ♥.

So on my last night in the Dominican Republic, I was sitting in my beach bar and was reflecting on my journey. There were definitely some great and interesting things here that I liked a lot and others not so much. Especially Punta Cana seems like the real party destination, so if you like a lot of people, music and drinking, you’ll surely enjoy this place. But if you are into more quiet scenery, there are more suitable places around the world. But one thing from my visit here is for sure – The Caribbean has caught my interest!

Story sent by Angela from Hamburg

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  1. Sandy L.

    I heard in the Dominican was a bit dangerous, i guess all went on well for you

    1. Thomas

      I was there on holiday 2 years ago and also had no problems really, it was very nice!

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