Here you can watch live Africa webcam streams, situated in different locations on the continent. Observe the wildlife as if you were there!

Tembe Elephant Park, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

This particularly diverse nature reserve is located on the border with Mozambique, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. In the Tembe Elephant Park, on more than 30,000 hectares, in addition to the wonderful flora, the wild animals of Africa can truly be experienced. For example the last 200 or so elephants living in the wild had successfully settled here. The other four of the so-called Big Five – buffalo, rhinos, lions and leopards – can also be seen here. It is best to observe the animals at the water points, from the safe distance of a high stand. Zebras, giraffes, hyenas, jackals, wildebeest, warthogs and many antelope species also join the picture. The Africa live webcam is situated near a waterhole, where a lot of animals come to drink.

Olifants West Game Reserve, South Africa

Olifants West Game Reserve is part of the Balule Reserve, which in turn is part of the world-famous Kruger Park. This area is very different from the rest of Limpopo province, with its unique valleys, mountains and lush vegetation. The camps in the northern part of the Kruger Park are part of the province, and many exclusive Private Game Reserves that join the Kruger Park guarantee visitors to experience Africa’s wildlife in a unique and memorable way. In Olifants Valley there is a rich wildlife; It is also known for its spectacular scenery, mountains, rivers, dams, history and cultural attractions. The proximity to a water source gives a unique chance to witness a lot of different animals.

Mpala Research Center, Nanyuki, Kenya

Mpala is located in the middle of Laikipia County in the center of Kenya. Here live nearly 7,000 elephants, African wild dogs and the endangered Grevy zebras. Mpala extends along the rivers Ewaso Nyiro and Ewaso Narok over 48,000 acre of semi-arid savannah, acacia bushland, wooded grassland, rocky slopes and river habitats. Each year hundreds of students, educators and scientists from around the world visit the Mpala Research Center to research everything from parasites to elephants. This webcam often shows giraffes and elephants.